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Supported Riders

J.A.B Titanium Bolts are proud to support a number of world class riders.
We strive for our products to be the best for all of our customers. The quality of our products is proven in the toughest of conditions with real world testing under some of the worlds best racers.

Previosuly Supported Riders

FMD Racing Team 2023
Loris Vergier- Trek Factory Race Team
Valentina Höll - Rockshox Trek Race Team
Jamie Edmondson - Rockshox Trek Race Team
Tahnee Seagrave - FMD Racing
Kaos Seagrave - FMD Racing
Pheobe Gale - FMD Racing
Dennis Luffman - FMD Racing
Taj Pollard - Collab Racing Australia
Matt Empey - Collab Racing Australia
Elise Empey - Collab Racing Australia
Cassie Voysey - Collab Racing Australia
Kona Factory DH Team